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CEO, Innovation Learning Systems Inc.

Global Strategy and Business Development

Yogi Akal is a trusted catalyst for change and large-scale development. He has a long and distinguished record advising governments, corporations, organizations, and institutions. Since 1973, he has traversed the globe training healers and therapists, and is an influential advocate for peace, human rights, gender equality, and children everywhere. As a speaker, consultant and media personality, he has touched the hearts and minds of millions of people around the world. He fosters strategic connections, collaborations, and partnerships for sustainable success. His international security and community stabilization program has been successfully implemented at local and international levels.

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Reimagining Leadership in the 21st-Century and Beyond

Book and Podcast

Learning to access the Renaissance Mind™ and keep it flowing is an indispensable skill for excelling in the information-saturated 21st century. Yogi Akal’s groundbreaking book and podcast promote forward-thinking at the highest level, introducing new strategies and techniques for transforming the leading mind to intuitive genius. He articulates a unique understanding of today’s issues and shares an unparalleled vision for tomorrow. He communicates directly with heads of state, global influencers and other key leaders who are committed to rising above any paradigm and solving the world’s most pressing problems. The Renaissance Mind achieves quantum leaps of consciousness in record time.


Turning Stress Into Strength

Prevention • Education • Management • Recovery

Stress-Away is the world leader in stress-management for individuals, teams and organizations. The Stress-Away system follows an innovative approach to dealing with and managing stress on a day-to-day basis. While stress may present itself different in each person, its impact can be difficult to manage alone or in a group. Stress-Away redefines what it means to feel “stressed” and reimagines how groups and individuals can turn that stress into a tool of productivity, motivation, and wellness. Everyone has the ability to turn stress into a positive and fortifying force in their lives. Whether it’s to better lead a team, be more productive, or live a more balanced life, Stress-Away provides reliable, effective, and sustainable solutions that any individual, company or organization can benefit from: live webinars, workshops, custom programs, keynotes, retreats, and executive programs.

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The Art and Science of Das Prakash Therapy

Two-Year Certification Course

Das Prakash is a unique form of therapy that swiftly and effectively optimizes every aspect of the Self. Certification training comprises the classical arts and sciences of Ten Body Yoga, Energy Medicine, Meditation Therapy, and Emotional Healing. The Das Prakash Integrative Healer course is highly recommended for medical professionals, Yoga practitioners, teachers, therapists, counselors, and alternative healers. However, the course is open to everyone; it is ideal for anyone interested in self-awareness, self-improvement, uplifting others, and building a career in the burgeoning wellness industry. Das Prakash™ holistic healing is innovating how teachers and healers lead and are of service in countries around the world.

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Expanding Horizons

Information, Education, Entertainment & Activism

Yogi Akal TV produces original content to elevate, educate and inspire a global audience. It has produced live news segments, conducted powerful interviews, hosted advocacy summits, created multimedia content for e-learning, and live-streamed a daily meditation for peace to countries around the world. Yogi Akal TV also developed audio video programs for children, advocacy projects dedicated toward the eradication of violence towards women, digital content for Yogi Akal’s 2020 Emergency Leadership Summit, a popular Blessing of the Animals series, and a range of entertaining and educational webcasts and webinars. Creative videos on a variety of subjects were produced for YouTube and other social media, resulting in hundreds of thousands of views. In 2020, Yogi Akal TV began work on new streaming content, podcasts and e-learning projects for the newly launched Renaissance Mind™, Stress-Away™ and Das Prakash™ brands.

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